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Foldback Mitts

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Our lightest weight to warmth mitt allow you to keep those digits warm without having to set your mitt down. Flip back the finger box to take that photo, pull that trigger, key in that text or clip that gear. Never drop or lose a mitt again.

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Warmth and Functionality

Play games on your phone or climb a mountain.  The versatility of the foldback mitts is second to none.  One finger or two, maybe a thumb or just the whole hand can easily pull out through the finger box.  Slide them onto your wrist to catch that picture or pack them away and compress them down to nothing.  Our high loft goose down mitts are extra warm yet light and easy to pack anywhere.

The warmth of a mitt with the versatility of a glove. Split in the palm this unique mitt can be pulled completely onto your wrist exposing your entire hand or just the digits you want to use. Whether texting on your phone, working with technical gear or setting up camp these mitts are warm and functional. You never have to set a mitt down, so losing a pair just to take that picture isn’t a worry.

The split on these mitts is lined on both sides with quality stretch binding and designed to keep the opening sealed up while in use. Pop the finger box on and clap the mitts shut fluffing down where it’s needed. These mitts are a great for any and all back country activities. We’ve got photographers to mountaineers to hunters that need immediate access to their hands.


Update: January 12th

New stock posted.  We have Black Siliconized stocked in all sizes and Cobalt stocked in all sizes.

If you are planning on wet shoulder season hiking get the Black Siliconized.  If you are looking for the lightest, softest and most compressible mitt for all summer use get the Cobalt.

My preference is for the Cobalt.  It’s a beautiful DWR coated fabric that sheds moisture, but is packed with warmth.  The Black Siliconized will shed more water, but is slightly thicker and heavier.  Both are very nice mitts.


– 15d Fabric in Black
– Premium 950loft Goose Down
– Guttermann Polyester Thread
– Soft stretch binding for a sealed fit at the wrist and palm.
-Split design allows for fingers, thumb or whole hand to be exposed.


Mitt Size Length (in) Weight (g)
Small 6.0 – 7.0 32.5
Medium 7.0 – 8.0 41
Large 8.0 – 9.5+ 46.2