I now have 2 different XL hats. $75 each. Last of their kind.  One in standard fabric in Hunters Orange and One in Siliconized Waterproof material with Goosedown fill.


The Black Siliconized hat is filled with 900 loft goose down and while it's not seam taped the material is waterproof.


The Synthetic XL in Black is Sold.


The Orange hat is made with HyperD Ripstop and is the standard DWR coated material filled with goose down.

Sold - XL BlackRock Hat Assortment

  • For all of our goose down pieces, handwash in warm water using a quality down cleaner such as Nikwax or ReviveX.  Rinse well with warm water and squeeze dry.  Using a dryer on low heat you can finish drying and fluffing your gear.  Using your hands, 'clap' the piece during a dry cycle to break up the down clusters and return the full loft to your gear.