What a fun project for us.  Designing something for everyday around town wear.  Made and designed in the USA we really loved these packs.  Thanks for all the support!


A simple, stylized pack perfect for every day use.  Designed and manufactured here in the USA our pack is sure to be your favorite everyday gear hauler.


It's design takes concepts from your standard military spec 'bug out' pack and streamlines them for every day use. Camera Gear, Laptops, Video and Photography Equipment are all excellent uses for this bag.  We've incorporated "MOLLE Strapping" inside each pack along the back allowing you to mount gear up high and off the bottom.  



  • 500 grams Total Weight (1.1lbs)
  • 25 Liter Volume (1525 in3) ~22x12x6 (one size)
  • PU Coated 420d Ripstop Nylon
  • YKK Aquaguard Water Repellent Zippers Inside and Out
  • 5mm Airmesh on Straps and Back
  • Internal Molly Strapping with D-Loop
  • Two Internal Mesh "Catch All" Pockets
  • External Connection Points with Elastic Cord and Cord Lock
  • Outer Personal Pocket with Key Clip
  • Internal Elastic Tool/Accessory Strip
  • Large Volume Inside Zippered Pocket
  • Fully Hinged Flap Access
  • Quick Access Drop Pocket Inside Flap


Internal MOLLE strapping  allow you to customize, store, clip, strap and mount your gear where you want it. Whether it's a large lens or a custom battery case you can fit and fix gear across the entire back of the pack.


A fully hinged main flap gives full access to pack and it's contents for organization and distribution. On the go the pack has a big mouth top zipper giving you quick access for when you need it. A large internal zippered pocket expands outward allowing you to pack the bag out to it's full volume.


Integrated into the bag is an accessory strap for tools or accessories and is surrounded by a catch all mesh pocket (Pens, knives, flashlights, cables, etc). Inside the main compartment you've got a full volume mesh pocket for quick stow of your layers.


The internal backing is designed to ride high and "float" critical pieces on your back such as your DSLR, a computer, water bottle or first aid gear and literally wear it on your back instead of at the bottom of the pack where things end up. There is a personal pocket for your keys with keeper clip on the outside and a light duty pouch just inside for a notebook,sandwich or candy bar.


The shoulder straps and back have thick 5mm air mesh and dense foam for a comfortable and breathable ride. The shoulder straps are contoured to fit your body and include a sternum clip and a removable waist belt if needed. A stretch cord with cord lock allows for quickly strapping on that extra layer to the outside of your pack. It can be removed along with the waist strap and the clip points can fit a standard size carabiner and be used to securely mount bulky gear.


There are numerous clip points on the outside and inside of the bag for water bottles, cantenes or anything you need quick access to and the main bag has waterproof zippers along with waterproof PU coated fabrics to keep everything nice and dry.  


Included with everybag is an accessory kit made up of zip-ties and double sided hook and loop velcro.  These allow you to customize your pack into a daily carry that is truly unique. Whether it's strapping a First Aid kit mid way up the back, your knife into the side or a custom clip point for gear off the centralized D-Loop, this pack has options.


It's clean lines and useable volume help to you quietly and covertly store and carry anything and everything you need for your day without telling everyone you've got everything plus the kitchen sink on your back.  Whether it's computer gear, camera or video gear or just a 72hr bug out kit this pack strikes a balance between form and function for a great everyday carry.


The pack has a full size stuff pocket in the base for keeping layers in and a fully hinged back giving you full access to anything stored inside the outer flap.  Our outer flap has second mesh stuff pocket and a grippy strip for holding pens, cables or anything you can slide into place.  The outer flap pocket also uses a waterproof zip and has it's own externally designed volume for any heavy items you want to store and keep in place in the outer flap.


The bag has fully adjustable shoulder straps, a chest clip and a slimline removeable waste strap. Our packs sit mid back and give you full storage all the way up to your upper shoulders.  The wide mouth top zip is big enough to pull anything out that's inside the pack without opening the main flap. On the outside we've given you an accessory pocket with a clip point for keys and a stretch cord to strap your jacket or anything else to the outside of your pack.

Sold - Urban Bug Out Bag

  • The BlackRock Pack is made from durable diamond weave ripstop materials.  It can be spot cleaned or rinsed in the sink.  Toss it on the ground and use a hose, this bag is tough and cleans well. Using a bit of generic soap will help remove any spots along with a brush and rag.