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Measure from your wrist to your finger tips.  If you measure 6" or less the small should fit unless you have a wide hand.


Mitt Sizing! Measure from your wrist to your finger tips.  Nearest quarter inch is good.  There is sizing overlap.


Small - 6 inches or less

Medium - 6 to 8 inches

Large - 8 inches or more


These liner mitts are insulated with two full layers of 2.5oz Climashield Apex synthetic insulation for maximum warmth. Synthetic fill is not nearly as warm, light or compressible as our top quality down, but it's excellent at keeping it's more rigid structure in wet conditions.


Synthetic Vs Down is a simple debate for us here at BlackRock Gear.  We love down and prefer it to synthetic pretty much any day of the week.  But... Lets assume we are going to camp, hike, cook and live in miserable wet, snowy shoulder season conditions for days on end. If you expect your gear to get wet and just stay wet for the duration of your trip Synthetic wins out.  


Both insulations keep you warm by trapping air, but as you lose loft you lose air and the warmth it's holding in.  Synthetic is simply a heavier more rigid framework of material that retains is shape and loft even when wet.  So if you need a pair of mitts that will get and stay wet but still warm, these are the ticket. But once winter rolls in and the frozen temps arrive it's back to goose down for us!

Synthetic Liner Mitts

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  • Our Synthetic Liner Mitts can be washed with any of your other technical material garments using a standard tech wash for nylons and synthetic fills.  Dry on low or no heat and reapply DWR to the shell if needed.