Marked down to 30%.


Measure from your wrist to your finger tips.  If you measure 6" or less the small should fit unless you have a wide hand.


Our Liner Mitts are the warmest mitt option we've got.  Each mitt is packed full of down for a extra puffy fit to keep you warm on the coldest of adventures. These work extremely well for sleeping in while winter camping or layered under full blown shell mitts for arctic conditions.


Mitt Sizing! - Measure from your wrist to your finger tips.  Nearest quarter inch is good.  There is sizing overlap.


Small - 6 inches or less

Medium - 6 to 8 inches

Large - 8 inches or more


Size Small Liner Mitts are made with ultra-soft 10 taffeta weave nylon and have a durable coating of DWR to shed any moisture they may run into.


Size Medium and Large have changed over to our HyperD 15denier diamond ripstop material.  Both materials are great since liner mitts are built for light weight and high warmth.


The mitt construction is contoured to fit your hands and be worn with shell mitts and under your jackets. Outfit with a pull loop they can be clipped together with a biner or used to snug up and pull on over underlayers.


Ready for any cold weather adventure the Liner mitts are the go to pair for when warmth is paramount.




Original Liner Mitts

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$59.50Sale Price
  • For all of our goose down pieces, handwash in warm water using a quality down cleaner such as Nikwax or ReviveX.  Rinse well with warm water and squeeze dry.  Using a dryer on low heat you can finish drying and fluffing your gear.  Using your hands, 'clap' the piece during a dry cycle to break up the down clusters and return the full loft to your gear.