Lemon Yellow now also sold out.  Thank you guys! We appreciate the support tons!


We sold those OG Blue hats so fast we decided to post another steal for the day.  These are a Lemon Yellow Beanie.  Never released and used only for photo ops here in the shop.  Such a Vibrant color.  People will see you down the trail for sure!!!


We've got three of these tagged Limited Edition Lemon Yellow beanies.  Made with HyperD Diamond Ripstop Nylon and filled with 900fp down.


Priced to sell.  These are the only ones made in this vibrant color.  Once sold they are gone.



Sold - Lemon Yellow Beanie

  • Goose Down-

    For all of our goose down pieces, handwash in warm water using a quality down cleaner such as Nikwax or ReviveX.  Rinse well with warm water and squeeze dry.  Using a dryer on low heat you can finish drying and fluffing your gear.  Using your hands, 'clap' the piece during a dry cycle to break up the down clusters and return the full loft to your gear.

    Merino Wool
    Machine washable on gentle/wool cycle using a wool detergent. Wash all garments seperately as some colours may run in their first few washes. Drip dry in shade.