This beanie is an exact copy of our Merino Wool caps.  The cut and fit is identical but the material is our high stretch, ultra wicking "Dry-Line" material.  Perfect for high activity our Dry-Line will wick moisture to keep you dry and warm while out for that jog.  This is the same hat as our Wooly, but is an all "Synthetic" version made from a a lycra material.  It's got an excellent feel and makes for a simply superb hat to sweat in.


We also use this same material in each of our Goose Down Beanies for the inner headband portion.  It's got silver ions throughout the material which keeps the gear from taking on that "smell" after a long hike.


Size and Weight:

We realize that "one size" does NOT fit all.  Our Dry-Line Cap is no exception which is why we've patterned out two initial size offerings.  Our design is such that there is overlap from one size to the next and fit moves from a form fitting skull cap to a beautiful slouchy design.  If you measure out to a medium but like a "slouchy" fit sizing up to a large will give you that.


If you need an even bigger or smaller size just shoot us an email over at support.


Medium - 23" (58+cm) and smaller - 25.0grams

Large - 23" (58+cm) and larger - 26.5grams



BlackRock Skully Cap - Black

  • Dry-Line Skull Cap -


    Machine washable on gentle cycle. Dry on Low heat.

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