Sold Out.


Our first ever "Woodland Camo" print.  We specially licensed this custom pattern so that it matches the standard "US Woodland" print that's been used by the US Armed forces since 1981.  This custom print will match your fatigues or just make your head invisible while in the woods...  Made from a beautiful 15d ripstop Polyester this high-tech fabric is actually printed and is the ONLY Woodland Camo you'll find in any ultralight gear using 1oz ripstop.


We did this project last year and shipped a number of pieces to Japan but then never released it here in the US.  Our project to get a true Woodland Camo print got stuck when the pandemic hit.  These few pieces are extremely limited.  We've only got a total of 15 pieces between hats and mitts.


Sewn to size with a snug deep fit. These beanies give you full coverage in an extremely lightweight package. Made from sub 1oz/yd nylons, high fill power goose down and technical stretch lycra these are a true upgrade from that old fleece beanie.  Comfortable enough to wear all day you may find your head never wants to take it off!

Sold Out - BlackRock Hat in Woodland Camo

  • For all of our goose down pieces, handwash in warm water using a quality down cleaner such as Nikwax or ReviveX.  Rinse well with warm water and squeeze dry.  Using a dryer on low heat you can finish drying and fluffing your gear.  Using your hands, 'clap' the piece during a dry cycle to break up the down clusters and return the full loft to your gear.