Hadron's are sold out.  We do have a few panels in the bin and a scrap of fabric left but no plans to make another run unless we've got time.  You can inquire about another Hadron and we can put you on a list if we do in fact crank out a couple pieces from the last bits and pieces of materials here on the shop floor.


Our top of the line Black Rock Down Hat.  The Hadron pushes the boundaries of ultralight warmth to the limit.  We combine the lightest sub one ounce material (0.56oz/yd2) add to it 950+ loft goose down and from that we get something so light it nearly floats away.  In total this hat is 20% lighter than our standard down hat.


If you are a true gram counter or a gear afficionado with a half dozen BRG hats already, the Hadron is sure to become one of your favorites in your collection. Get one today while this ultralight run of material is around.  We've only made "Hadron's" when we could source light enough material and what we've got now is truly some of the lightest.


With an ultra-soft feel and a beautiful deep black sheen this BlackRock Hat is the lightest ever.  For those gram counters the medium Hadron barely tips the scales at 19.9 grams.  If weight and warmth matter you can't get any better than the Hadron for those super ultralight hikers.

Sold Out - BlackRock Hadron

  • Size Head Size (inches) Weight (grams)


    Medium 20-22 19.8
    Large 22.5-24 22.2
    X-Large 24.25-26 24.0