We've sold all of our Clava's in existence.  We have more fabric but each Clava takes so much goose down we will most likely be saving that for making as many Black hats as we can.  Thanks guys!


The BlackRock-Clava our Premier Expedition Grade Down Hood.  When extreme cold requires extreme insulation our hood is the answer.  With inches of loft designed around your neck and head our Clava stands out as one of a kind.  


The full face opening allows for the use of goggles and can be layered with a neoprene face mask for sub-zero work.  The neck is banded with a wicking stretch lycra and can be tucked into your outer jacket or pulled over a an inner layer.  It hugs your shoulders, neck and head keeping it in place yet allows you to move your head without losing the clava.


The BlackRock-Clava is a very specific piece of gear.  It's ridiculously warm and just PACKED with 950 loft goose down.  These are perfect for Expeditions or cold Winter Camping.


Size XL is available upon request.  Generally our two sizes fit most but as always we are willing to custom make anything you need fit to order.

BlackRock-Clava Down Hood

  • For all of our goose down pieces, handwash in warm water using a quality down cleaner such as Nikwax or ReviveX.  Rinse well with warm water and squeeze dry.  Using a dryer on low heat you can finish drying and fluffing your gear.  Using your hands, 'clap' the piece during a dry cycle to break up the down clusters and return the full loft to your gear.