Black Rock Gear



Handmade American Outdoor Goods
Black Rock Gear is Closed
We've sold almost everything in the shop and will be shut down for 2021. We have a few pair of small mitts and possibly a single XL hat in the shop.  I'll sell gear till the 1st of January then all listings will be pulled.

Here at Black Rock Gear quality is our top priority. Designing and making American handmade goods is what we do.  We are working to create a sustainable business for ourselves while creating unique one of a kind pieces of gear for that outdoor person in all of us. Don't just settle for gear that everyone has, step outside of the box and be your own person.


Whether it's an Original down hat a pair of foldback mitts or our Urban 'Bug Out' bag we strive to design and personally make gear for the everyday person. Ounce for ounce Black Rock Gear keeps you warm and dry when and where it matters.


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