The Sportsman

Hat Size *Head Size (in) Weight (g)
Medium 22 or less 26
Large 22+ to 24 30
X-Large 24+ 34


  • 30d Ultra-Sil Nylon Shell
  • 10d Nobul Liner
  • Dryline Headband
  • Sub-Zero 900fp Overstuff Down
  • Guttermann Polyester Thread
  • Limited Edition Label

The 2012 Expedition Series.

This year's Sportsman model is going back to it's roots. Made from the best handpicked materials and overstuffed with 900 fill the Sportsman is our premium ultra-cold weather hat. This year we've got a very special model, made with a black Ultra-Sil shell and lined with our newest and softest Nobul material this Sportsman will be great for all those cold weather expeditions.

The Sportsman Limited Edition

The 2012 run will be available in black only. We've only got enough material for a few dozen hats, each of which will be cut and finished to order based on head measurements. We were never able to source a nice enough double sil-coated "Hunter's Orange" material so the Orange will not be available.

Turn around on this year's Sportsmans will be 7-10 days and each one will ship in time for Christmas delivery. We will also request a good head measurement so that we can individually fit each hat since materials are so limited. The pre-order form does not guarantee a hat but it will allow us to cut as many hats as possible until we are out of fabric for this run.

Available Colors

Expedition Black - We've been saving this run of ultra-sil for a couple years now for just the right batch of hats. The rich sheen gives this Black Rock Hat a stunning and impressive look making for one of our favorite black hats.

List Price: $85 -
Availability: Pre-Order is Over.

Sportsman Update: December 4th

I've tallied the list and will be cutting fabric this week to determine the final list. I'm not sure everyone is going to make the cut, literally. I will email each an everyone who put in a pre-order form and let you know about the hat. We are behind from the large volume of orders right now, but I should have time to confirm everyone's order and include a link for purchasing the hat.

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