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Hammock Pillow:

  • DWR Coated Ripstop - 20d 0.9oz
  • Ultra-soft wicking face panel
  • Grey goose down - 900fp
  • Hammock clip point flap
  • Weight: 2oz (56-58g)
  • Dimensions: 9x12" teardrop shape
  • Loft: 3"+

Pack Bag:

  • DWR Coated Ripstop - 20d 0.9oz
  • Micro cord pull
  • Weight: 0.2oz (5.8g)
  • Packed dimensions: 4x7"

The Black Rock Hammock Pillow

Your camp pillow doesn't always hit the trail, but when it does, bring the Black Rock Hammock Pillow. Each one is carefully constructed from ultra light ripstop, lined with a soft wicking fabric for your face and filled with premium 900 loft goose down.

Hammock Pillow

At only 2oz you can stuff the pillow in it's bag for on the trail. Compressible to the size of an orange, it will pack anywhere. When you arrive, clip it to your hammock to keep it in place while you sleep.

The clip point flap is designed to support the pillow evenly across the width of the pillow to maintains its shape and loft when clipped to your hammock. The ultralight clip is removable for a clip you may already have in your pack or you can tie directly to the loop with cord should you need the pillow to hang lower from a high ridge line.

List Price: $65 -
Availability: No Longer Available

Update: October 1st 2015

As with all of our specialty items they don't last forever. We've stopped production of our beloved hammock pillow and no longer make or sell them. I am very sorry we don't make the hammock pillow anymore, but we like to continually make new gear. I've got a bunch of requests for pillows, so maybe some day we can bring it back.

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