d Black Rock Gear | Super Ultralight Gear


  • 0.64 oz SevenD Fabric
  • 900fp Grey Goose Down
  • Soft wicking Headband

Hat Size *Head Size (in) Weight (g)
Small 19-20 14.9
Medium 20-22.5 16.4
Large 22.5-24 18.3
XL 24+ 22.2

The Hadron

The Hadron is the summer warrior of backcountry hats. Made from Super UltraLight (SUL) SevenD fabric this BlackRock hat barely touches the scales.

The Hadron

It is ideal for 3-season camping, whether you are hiking, climbing, trail running or biking, the Hadron is more breathable and packs smaller than your Original Black Rock Hat.

Perfect for alpine hikes or cool evening runs this hats wicking headband pulls moisture from your head keeping you warm and dry.

Hadron Review - RedWoodOutdoors

List Price: $85 -
Availability: No Longer Available

Update: March 14th

The HadronS is almost set to launch. We've got the first of two batches finishing up today. I will be updating the web page here and will include pictures, specs and a new write up for this Limited Edition run. The first HadronS hats will be ready to ship starting first thing next week.

It comes in a beautiful gunmetal grey ripstop material and is lined with our softest Nobul material. Finished with a Dryline headband this newest Hadron is sure to be popular, not to mention it's a close second if you can get your hands on one of the up and coming Black Rock Vests made from the same materials.

Set to release in the next few days the HadronS will be in limited quantities but we hope to have enough stock to last through the spring. Made from the same 7DS material we are using in the vest this set will make an amazing combo of warmth for those who simply need the best when their boots hit the trail.

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